About Us

What is it that fuels you? What is your passion? For us, it’s supporting small and micro businesses in Leighton Buzzard as they grow and flourish. To keep them informed about local businesses campaigns, and develop a local task force to promote those campaigns for the good of the business community.​

Why we are doing this

In short, we are doing this because we love our town and the business community that thrives here.

For us, Small Biz LB is a passion project, and we are excited to see it gaining more and more traction each day. 

As part of this project, we are looking to support local small and micro businesses in Leighton Buzzard as they grow and flourish, and we know this is only one of many things that can help with this; A base from which to mutually promote and support the amazing small and micro businesses locally

We will measure the success of this project by:

  • The level of collaboration and support that local small and micro businesses provide to each other and to business campaigns
  • The number and variety of locall small and micro businesses we are able to showcase
  • The amount of positive coverage and PR there is for local businesses and campaigns
  • How business campaigns engage with us
  • How much we collaborate wtih other organisations and campaigns in the Leighton Buzzard who also support local businesses
  • The network of businesses that we build and the ongoing business relationships that are formed

meet the team

​We are two local business owners who, with a lot of help from our business friends want to showcase just how wonderful Leighton Buzzard and its independent businesses are.

Chloe Peters

Chloe Peters of Jam on Toast Marketing

Social Media and Marketing Guru. Owner of Jam on Toast Marketing and Built on Tea Pins + Patches, Co-Founder of the Bees Knees Business Club.

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Corinne Wallington

Corinne Wallington

Social Media Consultant, owner of Corinne Wallington Social.

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Bekka Prideaux

Bekka Prideaux Curious Choice Leadership

Leadership Development Expert and Founder of Curious Choice Leadership and Small Business Simplified, Business Talk Presenter on Leighton Buzz Radio.

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